Friday, 3 May 2013

Pick 'n' mix

My thoughts wander to places far and wide at times, and yet at others they become purified by the intense light of inner thought.

 I am not sure these days if I am burned out or worn out; here are my reasons:-

 Two years ago, I was writing 3,500+ word stories three times a week, which is where Chronicles and Pat Canella started.

 Last year, when I was "In the zone" and loving writing "The Word," I had no problem doing 1,000+ a week for sixteen weeks.

 This year, I can hardly write. I started to write "Love of the Sea" on a weekly basis, but I am finding it hard to keep the energy flowing to write anything.

 I may have burned the candle too bright for too long or maybe, I realised what is the point? Nobody gives a damn anyway, I don't write about zombies so I will be ignored.

 I have decided to return to what got me liked, which was ghost stories.

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