Saturday, 25 May 2013

Loves first upset

She smoothed his penis and noticed the powerful twitches it gave as she thought, “A young girl’s dream and a hard cock between my lips and a sultry sailor from overseas,” Jannine’s mind took her on a fantasy trip to distant sand covered beaches as she edged closer and rubbed herself against his cock, with moist panties and open lips she sensed how aroused she had made him; as she rubbed his cock, Helmut let his hands roam over her young breast, not yet full but still a man’s touch on her tender young nipples had been able to tease the nipple out, gently he nibbled and licked the nipples as she eased his pants down to feel his cock for the first time, noticing the first signs of juices on the head as it glistened in the orange glow of the fire. 

Helmut pulled her soft skinned body close to his as they rolled onto the lumpy mattress, lost in loves embraces they didn’t care about the lumps as the clung to this moment of passion for as long as they were able, taking his time he entered her; even though Jannine was eager to make love, Helmut made love slowly, enabling them to enjoy the moment for as long as possible.

The harsh winds whipped the waves into foamy ripples outside as the waters drained through the pebbles on the beach and the door rattled in the jamb, inside the lovers hot and sweaty bodies writhed in ecstasy as they enjoyed their moments of wild passions; Helmut rolled off Jannine and sat on the edge of the bed. 

She opened her eyes from the ecstasy he was giving her and asked, “Is there anything wrong, love?”

He turned to her and kissed her as he replied, “No, nothing at all, love, I was taking a little breather; that is all, before I carry on.”

She rolled onto her back and said, “Can you kiss my back and cheeks, please?”

Helmut started to massage her back as he went down to kiss her, gently smoothing the skin as he licked her back and bottom cheeks and noticing how she writhed in delight, “Have you had this done before?” he asked.

Jannine hugged the pillow as the ecstasy seeped through her body and replied, “Ian did it for me once or twice, but never as good as this. Where did you learn to make love so well and be so attentive to a lady’s needs and desires?”

Helmut gave a giggle and replied, “I didn’t need a course; I learned how to take care of a lady by listening to what she said. I like to think by giving you pleasure, you will be more receptive to giving me pleasure back, so we both benefit.”

Jannine rolled over so her naked breasts and moist mound was easy for Helmut to view and said, “I appear to have found a genuine gentleman and a gentle man, what a great pleasure to know you, love, now come and on finish me off; I am almost ready to explode after feeling your strong cock in me.”

He didn’t any more requests as he knelt between her thighs and started to lick up the insides before progressing to her moistened mound and licking her tenderly as he tasted her juices as she lost control and came on his tongue.

“Oh, Lord, that was lovely, thank you, love. Can you give me some more, please?” Jannine asked, looking slightly embarrassedly at the floor.

“Certainly you can have more, love, but not for now, I need some food and to get back to work; there is a lot to get done and not long to complete the jobs which need to be done.”

Jannine got up in a huff and said, “Does work have to come before pleasure with you?”

Helmut began to see the anger rising and tried to calm her, “You know I need to repair the hut before the bad weather gets a hold, WHAT is your problem? We’ll have time to make love once this is done and we can relax knowing the hut is windproof.”

She got off the bed and started to get dressed as he came over to give her a hug and try to stop a lovely morning turning into a nasty afternoon, “Don’t bother trying!” She said as he approached, “I am off the boil now and it’ll be a good while before I think I may want you again.”

He realised the clothes hadn’t fully dried and said, “You can’t go out in those, they aren’t dry and you’ll catch a cold.”

Jannine turned her back on him and kept dressing herself, on her way out she turned and yelled at him, “As if you cared.” 

The next thing he heard was the door slamming as he went back to his room and got dressed, “You can’t live with them and can’t live without them. She is a real firebrand and so full of life, our relationship will be delightful,” he thought as he finished dressing and put the kettle on.

Helmut sat drinking the coffee and feeling the warmth from the drink seep into his bones and muscles; looking around the hut, he muttered “I’ll need plenty of good planking to shore up the holes. I’ll have to ask the men at ‘The Pot’ where the best wood can be found, for now any good length is okay, going to ‘The Pot’ means running into Jannine and that isn’t going to be pleasant for a few days, but I need to talk with Angie and the men and I can’t lock myself away for all times.

Without thinking, he finished his coffee and pulled on his jumper and coat and walked to the door, as he opened the door he was shocked to see a young man walking up the path to ‘The Pot,’ he wore a seaman’s jumper and cap and looked lost. Helmut observed the man for a few minutes, trying to find what was wrong with him; the man appeared to be stumbling as if something pushed him and made him trip.

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