Sunday, 12 May 2013

Joy in the sorrows of a lost dream

                 I leave the shores of the dream behind me. Yet in the sadness of the reality I will never see my book in print, I have joy in the knowledge the book won an award. 

On the personal scene, I gained joy in beating one of my harshest critics in an open contest on one of her friends sites; if I am bad - I am by NO means the worst.

 I am here before you a broken person, yet broken as I am I stand noble in the knowledge that at no time did I brook favour of people who had the powers to boost false sales for the words I wrote. 
 As was my credo, my books lived and have died on their worth. 

 There are a few who enjoy my writing and for those I shall continue to write; as of now any work I do if I feel worthy of sales, I shall sell it from my blog via Paypal. 

 As it has been proven over the last eighteen months, good as a writer as I am; nobody is willing to buy my work or even read for free - from here where does one travel - you made the choice and I paid your toll.

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