Friday, 24 May 2013

Further developments

 I don't go on about my personal life, as nothing much happens and I don't wish to bore you with the mundane. 

 But, today I feel it right to break my silence. There is a well known photo of the injury which left me disabled, although the cast is off I am still classed as disabled as I am unable to walk. 
 Being on low income I cannot afford even cheap publicity packages as I have to weigh out goings against incoming expenses and even the cheapest at $25 is beyond my means. 

 I have been told by StumbleUpon that because I use my account to give you a FREE read in the hope of you liking the story and wanting the book, my account could be terminated. 
 Not only would this hit me, but the charity work for The Peacock Writers as I use posts to promote charity books. 
 If you do see me disappear from StumbleUpon, if this happens both Weebly and this blog will still be active. Thank you 

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