Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Four play

Four play or endgame:- This has no sexual connotations, but the title fits the plans.
June 2012- June 2013

1- Last June Holding Richmond had what was and still is the best day of all my books, selling 6 copies in a day - a third of all its sales; the following day it had the best weekend with another sale. 

2- June 14th was the official launch of Chronicles and to thin date, it has only sold 4 copies and all before the award.

3- At the end of the week Pat Canella had her day, selling 5 copies not at Amazon but at Waterstones book stores here in the UK.

4- The planned launch for book 2 will be some time between the 13th to 20th of June.

Endgame:- I am foreseeing a closure ahead for my putting books on Amazon; I have maintained and still do, writers are like film stars - 3 flops on the run and you are no good - Book 2 of Chronicles is my 3rd out; if you count "Sexual Explosions" then I am already a dead beat.

If you think I am out of context, consider this. I get told books get hit by the recession, in which case why do books sell at $10-$15 a copy when my ebooks which cost nickels and dimes fail?

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