Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chronicles on line

 So, this is the bottom of the barrel for the award winner!
 A sad end for what I hoped would be a good series of stories - was it a self-fulfilling prophecy - or was it that I knew beforehand that it was too way out to sell? When I finished the first story in the summer of 2011, I said to close friends "This won't sell because it demands the reader to think outside the box and use their imagination."
 Next month see the anniversary of the launch and Chronicles has only sold 4 copies. Self-fulling prophecy or sales projections filled? 
 Either way, you, the reading public turned your back on my work, yet you will get your wishes filled. 
Owing to the under-whelming responses to my award winning book in the sales market and knowing I can write good stories; I may be serialising book 1 in the  Chronicles series soon. I know I can write good stories as the huge amount who read Sexual Explosions showed that, or was it because it was selling sex?

 The aim is to try and get interest for book 2 which comes out soon and from there judge where the story line for book 3 leads Mark and Rachel.

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