Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Was I any good?

  • Am I a good writer?

    Many people have commented that they think I am a good writer and the thing which holds me back is I don’t believe in my own value. From my vantage point belief in myself is hard to attain, my stories don’t sell, my serialised stories keep bumming out on me and the only thing I appear to be good at writing is erotica. I have no intention of turning my blogs over to cheap sex to save them. I am a writer who writes erotica NOT an erotica writer.
    The serialised story which may have turned into a book, has been put on indefinite hold owing to a lack of interest. “The love of the Sea” can be followed at or if you want a short version, the FREE read is at
    As a multi-genre writer I was trying to evolve my style to attract readers to my work. I think as my editor does that Chronicles book 2 is my best work, but I guess you will never know why now. Nobody got book 1, despite award in October. I don’t hold any hope for book 2.
    One of the reasons for writing the stories was to please the readers, with nobody interested, is there a point to it?

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