Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sea Ghosts extended version

I often read about how pleasant other writers surroundings are, and how they can inspire writing. I won’t deny the truth, I am jealous, I am not a jealous person by nature as my reasoning is that if I can save for something I will do my best to get it. I don’t crave for a film contract such as Danny Kemp has. My aim was to see my readers happy and perhaps make a few dollars on the side.
I am jealous of the peace and quiet they can have, I sit here on my bed with a view of my room. My room is shared with a washing machine and tumble drier, the sounds I hear are not the pleasing sounds of nature, but the sound of noisy neighbours shouting and swearing at all hours and of a stepson who cannot talk without swearing and whose music blares out, to the extent that even with headphones on I cannot hear my music on the laptop even though I am but a few feet away.
The last time I had real calm was the summer of 2010 when I had a holiday in Scarborough; the previous winter I lost a close friend in Canada and going back to Scarborough was as close as I could get to saying my farewell to Faye.
Scarborough harbour
. I worked until I was at the point of exhaustion, many nights I worked in the dark and rain trying to forget the sorrow I felt at her passing. She passed away in December, 2009 in Lac La Biche, Alberta.
An aerial view of Lac La Biche.
The summer of 2010 brought with it the greatest inspiration and growth in my writing, the sea air and high winds gave me the energy and drive to start writing again. While I was there I started to write the stories “Ghosts of St. Mary’s” and “The Rocking Lantern,” which will soon appear in my Sea Ghosts book with the short version of “Love of the Sea” and “The Lost Ship.”

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