Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ghostwriter or ghost writer

 A few friends have endorsed me on LinkedIn for ghostwriting, which in a way is correct while also being a misnomer; let me expand for you.

 It is true that I am a ghost writer; I made what reputation I have on writing good ghost stories and this is something readers keep telling me I am good at.

 However I am not a ghostwriter, the difference being a ghostwriter is somebody who writes a book for somebody using the author's name, not their own. I have not done this and doubt if I could, to do this you need to know how that person thinks and you need to study their style. I cannot imagine anybody wanting to or even trying to write Chronicles for me, my friends have told me the changing style would be obvious. Also, the plots are so contrived I don't know what happens from one page to the next. If you wish for a ghostwriter, you can contact me friend Karen Cole at http://www.rainbowriting.com/ghostwriterinformation.htm

 As I made a small reputation for ghost stories, I am returning to that area to try and pick up the shattered shards of my writing after the various attempts at other genres, which while being well liked and read garnered no sales.

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