Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Excerpt from book 2

           “What is it that you sense is wrong?” he asked.
            He sat in silence, hoping for his answer; yet only half believing it would come, it had been a long time since their Uni days and he doubted if they could connect again as closely as they had back then, he was shocked when he registered a faint whisper on the wind, “I can’t put my finger on what is happening, Mark, all I can say is I sense a terrible storm ahead and you’ll be tested to the limit of your powers,” was the voice that of Rachel, or had he wished it had been her voice?  He glanced around the cave but all he saw was a few pools were the water had collected as it seeped through. Could he have heard Rachel’s voice?
            “I don’t understand what you mean; I don’t have any powers, Rachel.”
            The voice in the wind echoed around the cave, “You will gain them in the weeks ahead and you will need all of them and your strength of belief in our friendship to stay the fight. I cannot tell you if you may win, that part is up to you and you alone.”

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