Friday, 26 April 2013

Bare faced robbery

  On the cover of this book it states that Alan Schnieder complied the book, yet on the book page he lists himself as the sole AUTHOR and as such any sales will go to him. The book sold 4 copies prior to my recent order, as I didn't see a cent I am guessing none of the others did too. I have strongly complained to Amazon about this theft. I have no objection to him as the editor as he DID compile and format the book but he did NOT write it.

 If you wish for proof the stories in there from me are mine here they are:-

 These were the first of my ghost stories and date back to July 2011, when I was laid up n bed with the ruptured tendon. If this is still not proof enough, send me an email and I will gladly email you my letter from him saying how much he enjoyed "The Rocking Lantern" along with MY original story.

 The Ghost of St. Mary's is available in the book "Apparitions Recalled" and "The Rocking Lantern" will be coming out in "Sea Ghosts" shortly.

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