Sunday, 10 March 2013

Snow White runs away

Runaway from a boring life set with robes and royal princes. Soaked through and hornier than a herd of warthogs. 

Snow White AKA Karen Morrish hits the road and never misses a trick as she goes to the circus, with the help of her friend, truck driving man on the road; Joe Phillips.

“It’s been a long time since I was with a lady. I don’t get much chance when I’m travelling on the interstate, I did find the loss of company hard to accept at first. After the loneliness wore off I moved on. I’ve been on the road almost constantly for the last five years; the only stop is for Christmas, me and some of the guys make for a little hotel in desert; we’ve been going to Anna’s for the best part of ten years now.”

Karen stroked his strong, firm arms as she leant in for the first kiss, “You will be gentle; you are my first, Joe, “she whispered in his ear as she licked his lobes.

“I am always gentle and loving, respect the lady and tend to her needs first and she will arouse you in return, that is my way, Karen.”

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