Monday, 11 March 2013

Site to close

 In the last two weeks, it became obvious to me that I am great writer of erotic stories, my blog reads on al'sdomain soared when I posted about Snow White and Sexual Explosions. 

 As much as I fought the urge to jump in and do more, as this was not my intention. The idea was to create interest in my other work, which I have failed to do. My real work has been shunned by you readers, so against my judgement; I am handing al's domain over to erotic stories.

  You have your wishes; mine were to try and sell a few stories to keep the site moving.  I hope you enjoy the last 3 months of erotica, as nobody wanted to help me out, but buying stories, I don't feel like giving you free work which takes me time to write.

  My site at hereiamattheedge will continue, that is a FREE Google site.

  I repeat myself:- I am a writer, who writes good erotica NOT an erotica writer.

1 comment:

  1. Before the site closes, I have written the last erotica blog. If you wish to know what Alex and Jan get up to next, or find out who the mystery lady is, you will need to buy the book.