Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lives of a story

Some of my friends have wondered if I would be able to write a novel at some time.  The idea had crossed my mind, especially when I get involved with character like Patti, Mark, Rachel and Lana. 

 One of the things which puts me off is the word count, depending on which set of figures you view. The count can vary between 40K and 90K. The lower figure I may achieve, but the higher one is out of reach for me.  The Jimmy Pookly series could reach 35K, if I do the n

 I have no firm view either way, I like writing short stories as it gives me scope to experiment and perhaps get feedback to keep me going.

 I can understand the enjoyment of having your own book, as that is what I wanted to do.  Doing the short stories does prevent me from getting writer's block too. I would love to try and write a novel.

 However there are a few things I am finding not to my liking. As a writer, I sometimes visit sites on FB and have found that if you write a novel, you have little to talk about. How often can you rework the same words? Or keep pushing one book? Before people turn off.

 I started doing ebooks to see if there was an interest in my stories, which apparently there is not; despite people telling me there is. All I can go on is sales and they are dead. 

 I find it galling that I spend hours writing/editing and nobody cares, can you imagine spending months on one book only to find nobody gave a damn, it's bad enough for me doing my short stories that nobody wants to buy.

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