Thursday, 7 March 2013

Life in the RAF

Hopefully, sometime this year I will start on my book about my RAF years, for the charity FLOW, which helps people affected by service life.

 In the book, you will read about the good, the not so good and the scary days of AC later SAC Place, A.W.

 Anybody from the services will tell you, you never forget your number, basic training takes you from a person to a member of a unit by dismembering your civilian identity and giving you a service ID. 

  This will be a rarity for me, it will be one of the few autobiographic books that I write. I am not ashamed of my life, I think it was nothing exceptional that is all. Lots of people I have chatted to think I had a great life full of excitement, I lived it and to me it happened, no big thrills or moments of bravery.

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