Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How will book 3 fare?

Book 2 is completed and with my good friend and editor Julia Petrakis. Julia and I agree this is at least the equal of book 1, which won an award.  With such recommendations, I hope it lives up to our hopes. The series depends on the success or lack of for book 2. Which is why I am taking my time and not setting any deadlines for book 3.  I don't know how you will take to it, and the third book depends on your reaction for the ending.


The story will take Mark from England to the steamy deltas of the deep South of the USA. 

Rachel's car drove along the road, leaving Wharfemere Abbey behind them. She turned to Mark and said, “You’re going to leave Annette at the abbey, bleeding and helpless for those creatures to prey on, aren’t you!”

He turned to Rachel and said, “After the way she treated me, leading me to believe she loved me. Then walking away, blaming me for changes I made to please her and saying I wasn't the same person. Can you blame me?”

“But, Mark, this is not the real you. We realize she drove you to doing this. Don’t you have any feelings left for her, even on a basic level as another human being?”

The answer was what she expected but not with the speed with which he replied. In a heartbeat he said, “None whatsoever.

Lost for words Rachel said, “Okay you made the point.”

With the car leaving Wharfemere and Annette further behind Phil asked, “Are we expected to see the old Mark?”

Mark thought for a few seconds before he said, “Without a doubt, now I purged myself, I am on the way back.”

 “Oh, I 'm so, so glad!”  Rachel exclaimed, “I was afraid we had lost you for good, for a few minutes I shuddered with the cold way you answered my question.”

Rachel took the road back to Carnmouth and onto the house where Mark lived in solitude. The group of friends realized Mark needed to be alone for a while to come to terms with what ha had done. He got out of the car and headed back to his dingy home, as he walked down his muddy path he turned and called to them, “I will be in touch.”

“He will be ok, won’t he?” asked ex-University tutor and author P.A. Canella.

“Only time can answer the question, I am afraid.” Rachel replied, the sadness obvious from her tones.

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