Saturday, 2 March 2013

Following on with Patti

While you read this, don't forget the book is on sale. The book covers all 13 of the Pat Canella stories

        One thing about the Morrissey & Jeffries killing back in 1926 really caught my eye. Link Morrissey and his girl, Darlene Jeffries went for a drive, but never arrived at her parents' house, even though it was only twenty minutes across town.
            Getting up from the desk, I walked back down the dark corridor to the elevator shaft.  Pushing the button to call the aged machine into action, all I could hear was the grinding of gears, as the cable span on the wheel.
            “Shit. Not again.  When are they going to fix this damn thing?”
            Setting off up the ten flights of stairs to the main office, I was already imagining the calls from the men, “Here comes Nancy Drew, lads.”
            Leading the barrage, as always, would be Adrian Chart.  The man was as roughneck as they came.  If he did not draw blood, then it was a lousy fight.  Seven years ago his old man, Bill Chart, had passed away, and Adrian was just like his dad.  His wife had left him six years ago, and then he hit the bottle hard.
            One theory as to why Chart kept his job was the bosses needed his street knowledge to track the mobs.  As a cop, he was one of the worst on the force - but for cracking the heads of gangsters, he had no equal.  They said he lost it all when Maggie left him.  After that, he didn't care what happened.  He'd go in first and take as many down as he could, before a proper enquiry began.
The only trouble was, Chart was as much a threat to his colleagues as he was to the mobs.  He was often so out of control that a situation that could have possibly been resolved, often ended up almost as a gun battle.
            Every day for the last month, when I've logged in, I've had to cope with Chart and his cronies jeering and cat calling.  Chart, and about eight other old-school cops, call ladies ‘doll’, and they should stay at home and tend to the men folk.
            As I walked in, Chart swung around in his chair, “Well look who…”
            As he spoke, I realized I had had enough.  I felt the need to be recognized for what I do – now!
            Before he could finish his sentence, I swung a left and hit him on the jaw.  The force rocked him in his chair so violently that he banged his head on the desk.
            “Anybody else want to take on Nancy Drew?  You over there – you look tough!
            Chart's friends gaped, taken aback to see how easily he had been taken.
            “Let me just inform you all - I might be female and ladylike most of the time, but you rile this gal, and she'll turn wildcat on you - so feel free fellows.”The squad room remained quiet as I walked to the sergeant's desk, my hips swinging with the grace of a gazelle.  I gave them a smile and a wink.

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