Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Efenmere Rescued

 The events of the book take place slightly after To Elfenmere, at the garrison of Farrowborne.

 Here is the opening page:- 

Far out on the road to Farrowborne, Jimmy Pookley's rider saw the man ahead of him entering the garrison,“Damn, it appears I'm too late! I'll still tell them our plight and trust to Tallier that the commander considers our position is far worse than theirs,” he thought as he rode for the gated fort.
The rider entered the garrison at Farrowborne only slightly behind the stranger. They dismounted and ran to the command post, both out of breath. Both men eager to tell their plight but talking together they drowned each other out in a stream of babble; the commander said “Okay, one at a time, please!”
Jimmy's man spoke first “Please let me speak. My name is Derek Jallows and I'm from Mondoria...”
The startled commander said, “Mondoria!  We had reports of a comet strike and the town being in flames.”
“All true, the horrible Skaven rats were starting to feast on carcasses when we left. The last time we viewed the city; it was burning as the gasses fed the flames.”
The commander glanced at the second strange and said, “Who might you be?”
The stranger stood quietly and said, “Sire, my name is Forquire Ashmort of the Kildrendyke, we are from the frozen lands beyond the mountain; this day I bring news from Maltenbury, but I think our friend Derek should be heard first.”
Derek, still shaky from the ride said, “Forquire, I thank you for the kindness. My friends have more to worry about than the burning of Mondoria, we are but a small band. Mainly town's folk with little experience in armed combat. There cannot be more than forty of fifty of us, the last thing I knew,  Jimmy Pookly was heading into Elfenmere to try and make a stand and pray that you could spare a few men to help us.”

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