Thursday, 21 March 2013

Blog tours

 Last year I did a number of blog tours and came to the conclusion, the only people who benefit are the people who pay for them. Although I gained a few blog reads, they were not for my blog posts but for the postings about the other people. 

 To demonstrate my point here are some examples:- Six weeks ago I was asked to do a blog interview for a a site I used to be on, since then the site has posted numerous other interviews but no sign of mine; I guess I am not flavour of the month since leaving. Twice last year I helped promote 5 Prince writers and of the eight I promoted, only three thanked me. I also took part in "The Next Big Thing," which meant you had to link up with five friends and pass the word around to help people. 
  Gain for me:- NOTHING

  The bottom line here reads, I won't do any more. This year, I am doing more promoting for my books.


  1. Good for you Alan! It's about time. Of course, that doesn't apply to me now does it, LOL

  2. Of course not, Crystal. If you wanted a blog interview, you know I would do one for my friend :)