Monday, 11 March 2013

blog reader differences

 Following on from my last post, I have also noticed there is a marked difference as to what readers of my blogs are reading. Readers of the Google blog tend to want to read all kinds of articles I write, which is what I intended for both blogs. Whereas the readers of the Weebly are reading the erotica stories, when I don't post erotica, the reads drop rapidly. To show what I mean, until a few days ago, the posts on Sexual Explosions averaged 150+ per day, that is more than the rest of the blog.

 The idea of the erotic stories was to draw readers to my work, all I have done is create an erotica site. I wouldn't mind if this brought sales, partially as thanks for the hours I spend writing and editing for YOUR pleasure, but this has not happened, nor do I think it will. Which is one of the reasons the Weebly blog may close in June :(

 I did enjoy doing the Weebly, I liked the idea of giving each page an ID, but I cannot afford to fund your free erotica; I am disabled and money is short.

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