Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alex gets published

Alex heard the therapist call his name and he got up, taking his stick he hobbled to the cubicle. After his session, he walked past the waiting room. She was sat in the waiting room as he made the next appointment. After making the appointment, he walked down the passage way; then he decided, as he had a forty minute walk from the flat, he had better use the hospital toilet.
            Alex walked back into the waiting room; to find she was still in the waiting room. When he came out five minutes later, she had left, “Ships which passed in the night,”   he thought as he walked back down the corridor and out of the hospital.
            He walked out of the department and made his way back to his flat. When he got back to the thing he enjoyed the most; which is to continue to write his next series of stories for friends to enjoy.
In the back of his mind he had the vision of a lovely, sexy mature lady who he wished to meet, but knew he had little or no chance. What chance did he have of meeting this beautiful lady at the Physiotherapy department again?
            Slim at best, non-existent if you held a realistic view, as Alex did.
            During the week he got an email from his editor friend Ellie saying she would publish one of his stories. She said she would be sending a letter to the local newspaper. Alex thanked her and sat and thought, “This is the beginning of my dream.”
            Three days later he got another email. This time from a US magazine, explaining they were also going to publish a story of his. Again they would send a letter to his local paper.
            “WOW! This is bigger than I thought it would get, I hoped for a few readers, but it is really taking off now,” Alex thought.
            That month Alex's story was on the internet. His site was inundated with comments; he didn't think his friend Ellie's article on her web page would generate such interest and so quick.
His readership leapt from four or five to over forty in a week and did not look like slowing down.
            The following week the news item appeared from the US magazine in the local paper. This caused a stir, as it was from the USA. A local man had made a small impression. “OK,” Alex said to himself. “This is only a small on line magazine but this is a start.”

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