Friday, 8 March 2013

A dream house for me

  This was one definition of a dream house for me; in 2009 I spent three lovely months with my late friend Faye' at her home in Lac La Biche, Alberta. We were out of town but close enough to pop in for supplies without having to make a major journey. Surrounded by nature and cut off from traffic noise, despite having a main road about 500 metres away. This was the advantage of being in a wooded area. How things change;  Faye passed away in the December and the following Spring, the house was levelled for a condo; where you see grass is now tarmac, or so I was told by her daughters. I had planned to go back to say my farewell to my lovely friend, at the lake where we had our last cuddle, but I could never get over :( It would have broken my heart to see such a lovely area turned into a car park. To paraphrase Joni Mitchell, "You don't know what you've got until the take it away."

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