Monday, 25 February 2013

Where does he come from?

Young Jannine, only just old enough to be a barmaid was taken in by the stranger’s lack of concern for opinions of others and his strange tonal range said, “We get a lot of Poles and Russians around here, and even a few Scandinavians but I’ve never heard your accent before and I am good at detecting  accents.”

            With a rueful smile he said, “Well, young lady if we keep talking, maybe you can try to guess, where I am from,” then he gave her a wink.

            Jim Morrissey, skipper of the trawler ‘Pots of Gold,’ said, “I got back from a trip to the Northern shawls last week and I’m foxed. Your accent isn’t German, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish either.”

            The stranger turned to where Jim was sitting and said, “You are right. I come from closer to here than that, and yet have travelled for a long time to reach the shores.”

            Toby Marlin, who skippered the tourists around the nearby harbour on his boat “Carol Anne,” said, “That’s a fair riddle; you come from closer to here but have travelled a long time.”

            The stranger grinned as he realised he had unwittingly been drawn into their circle with this riddle. The other men at Jim’s table were huddled round in quiet debate, trying to work out an answer. 

            “Excuse me, Miss,” the stranger began.

            “You can call me Jannine.”

            “All right, thank you. Jannine, do you know where I can get a room nearby please?”

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