Monday, 4 February 2013

Weebly or G+

 Many of you realise that I have two blogs running. In a few months I will have to make a decision about the secondary one at Weebly. There are some good things to it and some not so good, after several months use, here is a comparison.

For:- Free and easy to create working links.
         I can use multiple images in a post.

Against :- As yet, I have not found how to make each page individual. The blog has one template, it is not an issue as I love the feel of the blog.
                If I do get offered a contract, the people may view G+ and view it as not professionally looking.

 For :- The site looks more professional with the pages having their own image.
           Having the second site has increased exposure, I think.

 Against :- I cannot add more than one image to a post.
                Although not a lot, it incurs charges to run and from June my income will be cut to the bone, unless sales pick up :(

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