Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Warhammer writing

  In the next few days I hope to have a new page up to read with my Warhammer books on show.

 A few years ago, I started collecting the models with the intentions of painting them, I was going to try and build an army for war gaming. I used to play Napoleonic war gaming when I lived in Clevedon. Then I saw the rule book and decided it was too much for me to learn, but I sill wanted to paint and make the models.

 I let matters drift for quite a while as other things too centre stage. Recently, I have returned to the modelling scene; last year I started to collect them again this time with the intention of making and painting them to give me a break from writing.

 In recent months, I decided to try and write some stories using my models for inspiration. The idea was to create my own army and write stories for them. But, my eyesight has got so bad that I can hardly focus on the key board for long, so tiny hands and faces are out of the question, when you add in that my hands cannot hold the brushes and they shake a lot, the odds cut down quickly and now I don't have the money to get the smallest models. All is not lost, yet, in my mind's eye I can still envisage these soldiers and the fights, so there is hope for the stories.

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