Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Phil Moore, the man who cared.

 If you have read Chronicles, in the early pages you will have come in contact with Mark's long time friend Phil Moore. Mark and he go back to college days - on and off - when Phil was a writer and Mark was the photographer.
 Phil is seen as Mark's conscience and some time guardian, always seeing the dangers and changes in Mark(much to Mark's chagrin). Nothing usually gets passed Phil, he isn't infallible as book 2 shows, but there again book 2 revealed a lot to Mark, Phil and Rachel. Mainly through the guidance of P A Canella.
Mark and Phil did separate for a few months, as is explained later in book 2, when we come across some strange weapons; at this time Mark went on a sojourn to Australia and Phil stayed in the UK and came on some unusual artefacts.
 When Mark became the recluse we know him to be, it was Phil who was his link with the world and Phil who kept him level as he sank in book 2. Phil's role in the series, although not as dominant as others is still as vital.

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