Saturday, 16 February 2013

New directions

 In a recent review of Chronicles, my friend Leigh Lane suggested perhaps I should try to write some plays as the stories are dialogue-driven. I have other friends wondering if I am going to do a novel, as the short stories leave plenty of room to expand.

 Plays are something I had not contemplated doing, but I could see the opportunity to write one. The style of writing is very much like my style, sparse and direct. I prefer to keep the action moving and the background in the background. I admire the Jane Austen style of writers, who can go into minute detail about clothes and intricate personality types, there will always be a market for that style. I would like to think reader find my style is more akin to Mickey Spillane or Raymond Chandler, where the action moves the story.

The prospect of novel writing I found daunting. The volume of wordage puts me ill-at-ease, I am gradually getting to the stage where I can write stories in excess of  10,000 words but the thought of doing a novel of over 50,000 is still scary to me. I admire the dedication needed to write one story, but I prefer to have a number of topics ongoing. One reason is it lessens the chance of "Writer's block."

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