Sunday, 17 February 2013

Inspiration corner

  I often get asked when doing blog interviews where do I get my ideas. Here is a short list of stories and their inspirational sources.

 The Love of the Sea:-
 The story idea came from of all things, a Helen Dunore ghost story called "The Greatcoat," I changed the RAF coat for an old fisherman's. The title is a play on words, one way it reads for the hero's love of the sea and life as a fisherman. The other way, it reads as the heroine's love of her man and his life on the sea.

Sex at the Mill:-
 Like the characters in this romantic story, the idea was formed by seeing a lady I considered very attractive at our physiotherapy department, from there my fantasy took over.

The Old Church Ghosts:-
 The original was an idea I had from knowing a little of the history of one of our churches in Clevedon. The new version is just a tale of horror I wrote from an added section showing what may happen.

  The idea for the original idea came from watching "reality" shows, and the fact nobody ever thanks the camera crews.
  Book 2 was to cleanse my soul from a dark period, which is why it is scary and dark.

Pat Canella:-
 The original idea came from the idea of a name giving the wrong impression, the story format came from my like of the 1940's films.

The Word:-
  The influence to my deceased serial was easy to see for those who read it, my admiration for Ray Bradbury and a homage to one of his best known stories "Farenheit 451."

 From Mordhiem to Marienberg:-
 This collection of stories came from playing war games and realising there was an opening in the Warhammer market for this type of close combat story.

 This was an idea formed by a dream, one night I had the dream that became "DracoDreaming," from this idea I decided to do a selection of dragon stories, most people love dragons.

Cat's tails:-
 As a cat lover who is owned by my four. I decided it may be fun to write a selection of stories for everybody to enjoy on how I think they see us.

 Of course, these are only a few of the stories I have written about. If you wish to know more about my work, feel free to leave a comment and ask please.

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