Friday, 15 February 2013

Incidents at the border


   If you read the blog, you will remember in 2009 I visited the lovely Faye. We had some lovely times together, my book Canadian Memories is available from me, or you can read the first part of the story in the charity book "Angels Cried."

  This blog is about a few things that happened which caused a laugh after the event.
  Incident 1) We had been talking about cooking and herbs, Faye loved to use real rather than dried herbs in her soups and be a modest cook myself, I mentioned that we had an old Bay tree outside and would she like some leaves to thicken the soups. She lit up at this idea, Bay is hard to come by in Canada. Without any thought I checked that the leaves were allowed t be imported into the country and packed some in a jar to take with me.
   When I got to Edmonton airport, I was stopped at the terminal as the guards were not sure what these strange leaves were, after being told they were for cooking; they were checked to see if I was allowed to import them.
   We had a great laugh later, but at the time it was worrying as Faye was on one side of the terminal and I was on the other with no way to contact her. With our age gap, she was always certain I would back out with some excuse not to see her. The only reason I would have done that, is I was afraid of flying at the time.

  Incident 2) Arriving back in the UK, our plane landed at Gatwick ahead of time so the handlers had to delay our baggage until the following flight had cleared, a delay of about 1 1/2 hours.

 Incident 3) This incident started in the UK and ended at Edmonton, and was the cause of a huge delay. Again, I was on one side of the terminal with no way to tell Faye what was going on. I had bought some sandwiches for my train journey to Heathrow airport; being tidy I put the empty wrappers in my bag and thought nothing more of them.
  When we arrived in Edmonton some of the baggage got mislaid (including mine ) for about an hour, when I claimed it I was going through the barriers, when the drug dogs started acting weird around my bags. I was totally confused as to what was causing the furore, then the dime dropped. It was my cheese and pickle sandwich wrapper. After nine hours in the air in a sealed container, they must have been ripe.

 Incident 4) Arriving back in the UK, our baggage got mislaid at Heathrow airport for over two hours as there were a number of delayed flights turning up at once.

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