Thursday, 21 February 2013

Guardian angels

 I have been asked many times, do I believe I have a guardian angel? My answer is yes.

 You may consider me to be a foolish old man, but wait and read on:-
 In Germany I had an encounter with a security guard at the European Cup final in Munich, which almost ended with me being shot for something I didn't do.
 I had a near death experience trapped on the ski-lift over the Rhine tributary at Cochem, which almost ended with me falling hundreds of feet to my death in a forest.
 Coming back from Germany on leave, I had two incidents in one journey. Firstly, my friend and I almost hit a car which had broken down in the middle lane of a highway, it was a dark night and the rains were lashing down, making visibility next to nothing. When we got to my parent's house, I found that the wheel nuts on ALL the wheels were just about on the spindles.
  On a trip to RAF Rheindalen to play a soccer game, I was getting verbally abused one night and my "friends" were not trying to stop, so I walked off the camp and set off for RAF Laarbruch, a journey of over 150km. That night I was cold, tired and hungry and was taken in by a German man. I had no idea what his intention may have been, but I was taking no chances. I didn't sleep and kept my back to the wall.

 All these incidents and more will be in my RAF memoirs, if I get to write the book.

 Do I believe in them? Yes.
 What is the reason I have come to no serious harm after these incidents? Luck or divine intervention for a bigger cause? I have no idea.


  1. I too believe in guardian angels. I feel kind of bad for mine because they've really gotten a workout because of me, lol.

    I'm very happy yours were with you when you needed them most, and I look forward to reading your RAF memoir one day.

    1. I have had enquiries about writing it, Gwen Steel was the first to ask. She read my ski-lift story on Bookrix and was horrified - as I say - it's one thing to read about them, it is a totally different thing to know someone who has been there.