Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Exposing Lana

 Who is Lana Pawcel? And what part does she play in the lives of those in Chronicles of Mark Johnson?

The creation of Lana goes back to my earliest series about P.A. Canella. During the six story chase series, P A was leading his friends around and when they thought they caught up with him, he vanished or they found out it was one of his jokes and they were misled.

 At the end of the series, their secret was out. Lana and P A had been ghost writing for each other, but nobody knew other than themselves. Lana is an empath and can feel the pain of things in the recent past, which at times helps solve a mystery, as she did at the end of the chase series. Her ability also helps her great friend P A to assist Mark in his quest for justice. 

 On the flip side:-
  The creation of the writing style came as a joke between two friends; my friend Yezall challenged me to write a story for Bookrix, this story became "Sex at the Mill" and is still my most read story on the site. In recent times, I have decided to expand SATM and hope to get to about 10K, by adding a follow on story, which has been brewing for a while. If I can achieve this goal, I will try to interest the editor at Horny Devil Publishing with my morsel of erotica.

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