Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The section of the story below s from "DracoDreaming," currently only in print in "Angels Cried" the charity book for Sandy Hook. Later this Spring it will feature in a book for another children's charity group which I am involved with, The Peacock Writers. I will be including the story in my own dragon selection called "Drakanarc" too

“There is no need to worry about having the wrong side and missing the flights, the dragons will fill the skies.”
After an excited and sleepless night, I was roused by Piotr yelling to me “Goderon, you must see this!”
Waking from my sleep, I went to my window and true to Dimitriov’s word the skies were filled with beautiful dragons of all shapes and sizes. “I have seen them before but never so many,” I called back to my excited friend.
“Hurry up and come down, we’re going to the caves now!”
“I’ll be right down,” I replied, as I quickly put on a thick coat and leggings.
Climbing up the steep mountainside we could feel the winds from their wings but never did one of them attack us, even though they could have killed us with a simple knock. 

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