Thursday, 7 February 2013

Batting 0 for 2

 It is my opinion that writers and film stars share one major thing, that we have a limited saleability.

 We are allowed one missed chance; the public realise we cannot be good all the time.
 Miss the come back play and you enter the "Have they lost it?" section.
 Have a third miss and you then hit the "They have lost it!" phase.

 Even Stephen King has books which don't go well with his fans.

 I feel Book 2 of Chronicles may be my last chance. The omens are stacking against me.
 Dockland Murders has not sold on Amazon, and not anywhere since June 2011.
 Award winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson fell by the wayside, despite great reviews and write ups.

If I was able to write about zombies, I may have a chance, but I tried and it was like ash in my mouth because I had no feeling for the story and I need that to let my readers feel the excitement.

 Here is to last chances at Mordhiem and Chronicles.

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