Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A novel idea

When Chronicles came out in June of 2012, some of my friends asked me. If I had thought of expanding the stories and writing a novel?  I hadn't because according to some sources the word count is over 90K, and at the moment I am not sure if I can go that high. A year ago, I was doing short story contests and thought reaching 7,500K was beyond me.

 Mordhiem has already exceeded Chronicles and Hunted Down by 5K, and I have still a long way to go, so who knows where it may end? I am hoping somewhere around 30K.

I view Chronicles and the Hunted down multi-pack as a series of short interlinked stories on a theme. Imagine them as a series of charms on a chain. However, Hunted Down stories are continuous; Chronicles can be read as individual linked ideas.

 If you get the Hunted Down series, you will note there is a strange ending to the stories, this is because I feel there are two endings available: - One is for the fans I know will read the stories, and the other is for more general readers, and the end is governed by sales. While writing Hunted Down, I found myself getting drawn more into the story as I wrote it and in the end, I had to curtail the story, as I didn't know whether to go on or to finish Patti's story.

 The latest on book 2 of Chronicle is my editor Julia is impressed with the way I am going and how I describe Mark's mental collapse. While she is still confident that there will be sales for book 2, for my part: - the jury is out on the issue. When I started book 2 in 2011, it was designed as a personal release for tensions. When I was writing the original stories, friends I sent them to, were apprehensive about my mental state. I have to admit, even though I wrote them and knew what was happening to Mark and Annette; they did give me bad dreams. Some nights I had to stop as I found myself being drawn across the dark void between right and wrong. This effect also happened in Hunted Down, in the latter stages when Patti is at the motel.

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