Monday, 4 February 2013

A 3 book riddle

This is the story of how three books can cause a puzzle to tease and torment you.

 The story started last year, I was looking for a book that I knew existed. I had seen it on the shelf and could describe how and where to look to get to it, yet the book was not the cover didn't match what my idea of it was.
 This is the cover for the book that I have

Because I was writing my medieval series Mordhiem, I was sure the cover was like this picture; as this is how I envisaged the characters in Mordhiem. As you see, there is no similarity to what the cover is and what I thought it was.

 second book is one that I had and read but had stolen. I bought a new copy, which has again mysteriously disappeared.

The third book is one that I am not even sure I bought, yet I feel I did buy it. I can remember it on my desk, this too has disappeared. Or maybe I just thought I had a copy as I had seen it often in the book store and thought of buying it, but decided to wait until I read book 1.


The reason I chose to write stories based in the medieval city of Mordhiem is there was a game of that name brought out by Warhammer many years ago, which has few books written about it. While many of the books in the Warhammer collection deal with vast armies, either in the Middle Ages or the future. There are relatively few that deal with the setting in Mordhiem, slinking around in the dark; single combat with knives, bows and spears. I thought by trying to write for this style, I may have a chance to get a few stories published on line with Black Library. I have since found out that I can write very well in the style and I am enjoying writing Mordhiem very much.

This book is also on sale from me, it tells the story of Mordhiem from the start and is a lot more detailed than the previous copy.

Don't take my word for it read what friends have said about To Elfenemere:-  


Anyway, this is my personal take: Well, what a story! You certainly know how to tell a tale and the imagery is very striking, as is the sense of suspense. Keep up the good work!
This comment came from my friend and editor of Vintage Script magazine Emma Louise Oram.  
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
that gets you turning the pages only to realize you are on the last page! The story was full of action and just when I was ready for more the story ended, although it was a complete story. The dialogue was exciting and the characters real. Looking forward to the next one!

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