Friday, 25 January 2013

The story of P A Canella

Characters we meet.

To the few who read my work, some of my characters and their background is known but many more are not known. In this new section I hope to shed light on some of the characters, in the hope that this will endear them to you.

   The first person we come across is P A Canella.

   Known to readers as Mark Johnson's mentor and former college professor, who introduced Mark to the spirit world. But where did he originate?
   P A originally came from an idea that I had toyed with for some time, it had always been my goal to have a book on the shelf at a book store, then along came the advert about J.R. Hartley and the book on fly fishing. With my wicked sense of humour, this really appealed to me. So, I created the character P A Canella as a writer. His role started off as a joke between some friends. They had read and liked his works for a long time, yet didn't realise that P A Canella was in fact an anagram of the name of a close friend. This first set of comedies started a chase that lead the friends all over trying to catch their friend. At the end of the series, true to form is another double twist as we meet Lana Pawcel and find out the she and P A had been ghost writing for years and nobody knew about it.


  1. Your characters sound really interesting. I've posted an excerpt of my book on my blog, if you would like to check it out and let me know what you think of my writing style!

  2. Thanks for the great compliments. Most of the characters you will see in this section are not mentioned before, Mark and Pat Canella have their stories told on the blog.