Thursday, 10 January 2013

Story lines to help you decide

 Did we see him?
 This is based on the real disappearance of Sir Percy Fawcett in the 1930's; one of the theories of the time I have used for the story. The
Sci-Fi aspect is from my imagination and was to lead to a series of time travel stories, if there was any interest.

Nerja is a small story of faith, as two people from different cultures have to rely on their faith, when an aeroplane they are in stalls over the ice fields.

Hunted down is the second series of Pat Canella stories and traces her action from her return from leave up to her conflict with the Colderone gang.

Canadian memories is one of the few auto-biographic books I will do and tells of the meeting I had with a lovely lay who has now passed away.

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