Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sons of Baal

 This is yet another story with an interesting background. 
  It started when I asked my cover designer and good friend Angela Priest if she had a cover showing buildings on fire after being hit by a comet. The idea was for a cover for my medieval series From Mordhiem to Marienberg.

 It didn't fit what I was looking for, but really caught my eye, so I asked her to keep it for me.
 A short while later, I was looking through a Warhammer site and came across a chapter of soldiers that had no official colours. Hence the title, Sons of Baal. They were a chapter of Blood Angels.
 I was going to do a stand alone story of my own, then decided I may try for the on line magazine, however after reconsidering things I changed my mind, going against Dan Abnett et al, what chance would an unknown have; so I put it on hold.

 I was going to introduce it as part of the now dead serial The word, but that went to the wall as well.

 I have decided to make this into a stand alone story for now, later it may start a new series.
 Keep watching.

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