Monday, 14 January 2013

Sons of Baal opening

                                                              Sons of Baal

            The planet Baal was the bastion of the Empire’s finest minds, on Baal the value of knowledge was valued as high as anything material and yet underneath all the finery, there lurked a malignant evil. A purpose was as yet unknown to the people on the surface of the planet.

            Of the many outposts of the Empire, Baal was the most beautifully constructed with towers of gilded silver and vast, ornate libraries that held the empire’s knowledge of the spread of mankind after the Wars of Terra and the desolation that was left in the wake of the Gods of Archdemonary. It had been centuries since mankind had last set foot on Terra and many Baalites had no idea where it was in the galactic empire. Only the revered Librarians had the true knowledge of their origins and this knowledge was guarded by the Secretarianus squads who patrolled the vast halls. 

As with any Empire, forging forward means you sometimes have exposed outposts to defend, one such is Gameroon. The fourth satellite of the moon Isorion, two days travel from Baal and exposed to any attacks. The official view was “That to expand, we need to keep pushing our boundaries.” However, the view of rank and file who were sent to defend Gameroon could not have been more opposed. 

Captain Joe Moore was set at his desk working out the leave roster for his squad, the 7th Baalite Guard were long overdue R&R and Captain Moore was making sure that they would get some this time; every other request had been turned down but this time he was making sure that his men had a respite. He may be an officer, but he got there the hard way, scars on his face and body showed that he had fought many battle and not just come through the Universal Selection process; jokingly referred to as US & them. 

Most of the officers could not understand why he was a recluse and time after time he had refused to join in the elite corps. He had refused promotions, saying “I’m a soldier not a diplomat!” The men of the 7th had total dedication to their officers, some regiments had seen action but the 7th was the one that saw the most. It was to this end that Captain Moore was not pleased to get the call from his superior.

            The voxilator in his cabin bleeped and Joe went to click it on, before the voice came on there; the face of Major Danito Robello came on the screen. Joe’s first thought was “Here we go again!” 

A few seconds later the Major’s voice cut in “Joe, I know that you and your men...” before he could end, Joe was ahead of the Major.

“You need us for another spearhead attack.”

“Not this time, we have another problem.”

“Don’t you always, sir. And it’s always my men that have to get their asses dealt to them.”

“That is no way to talk to a superior officer of the Baalite Guard!”

“Well, sir. Let me explain how we see it at the 7th. We’ve just got back from Molderine, where yet again we were the smash front that took the brunt of the attacks. We have had no R&R for about two years now and you and the other officers keep sending us out to keep the peace, while at the same time we have no time to train recruits. I’m sorry if my insubordination is rife, but the men are close to mutiny.”

“This is not an attack, Captain. The Emperor wishes that you go and act as a guard for the Scientifius on Gameroon. We have it on good word that there are no enemies within a week and this is a reconnaissance mission, get some information and come back. Then, you can have the R&R.”

“Why does it always have to be us, sir?  There are plenty of other regiments and many have had their R&R.”

“We know there are more regiments, but none has your battle experience and you are the best leader of men that we have, Captain.”

“Sir; the only reason we have the experience, is that we get sent out first. If there is nobody within a week’s travel, surely you can send some other regiment. These men have earned a rest and I’m going to make sure that we get it.”

“The reason we want you and your men there is because you know the land and what to expect.”

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