Saturday, 5 January 2013

Realistic target for the year (update)

  When I started lasted last year, one of my personal goals was to get a book in the Black Library alongside names such as James Swallow, Dan Abnett and Graham MacNeil. I am not totally discounting the possibility of it happening, one day. But, for now if I can get a short story or two in Hammer and Bolter their on line magazine, I shall call that the victory. Especially as they are now printing collections of stories.

 My aim for the year has now been drawn back into writing for my friends, I know they enjoy my work. I have no higher aim now :(


  1. Not a good start to the year.
    No reply after 6 weeks to my email to Cemetery Dance and now I've been told that this book of short stories in not being printed any more :(

  2. Sorry to hear, you can always do Createspace though those paperbacks don't sell well.

  3. Thanks, I know they don't sell. It was a stepping stone to hopefully getting better hopes of bigger things.