Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Published author?

To some people, once you put an article out to be read you can class yourself as published. To others, it is getting in print that counts. For me, it having my book printed that matters.

To give you examples, I have had articles printed in various magazines in the UK from the early 1970's up until about five years ago. They ranged from teen fantasy (ala EL James) to articles on folk/ country/ jazz music and motorcycling. 

In 2011 I had my first on line publication with Vintage Script magazine, which was followed by one in a US on line magazine, for months last year I was regularly putting articles in Angie's Diary. 
More recently, as you know I have been involved with various charity anthologies with the Peacock Writers and now Indies In Action, but at no time did I claim to be published. To me, I can only do that IF I get one on my books published, as I say it it just a personal view.

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