Sunday, 20 January 2013

Now you see me, now you don't

My validation
  The recent price slashes for my books in no way represent that I feel they are unworthy, on the contrary I KNOW they are worth the asking prices before the cuts. The cuts are more indicative of the amount of apathy that is shown to my work by the public. As an unknown quantity, I have to cut my throat to try and raise a sale, when others are selling well, purely because the jumped on the band wagon.

Going underground
 Owing to the increasing amount of apathy to my work, although I will continue to write as my muse never rests. I shall be less visible. Some may say that this is a foolish gesture as it means I will have less chance of sales. I look at it this way; those who do read my work know where to find me, and those that couldn't be bothered over the last eighteen months to look beyond zombies and cheap sex, would not have looked for me anyway.  For various personal reasons most of the work on Amazon will stay there, even if it doesn't sell.

My concerns
 I know that I am a good writer because in a recent contest, I beat one of my harshest critics. I have been told by the people who HAVE read my stories that they are fascinatingly scary and get better with each one they read. While this is a great compliment, to know that I can keep the thrills going after all these months; it is also a worry as everything must peak and I am worried that the story I send out that fails will have so far to fall that I will severely disappoint my fans.

Happy Birthday, Patti!

  As a final word, as I may not be on line over the next few months. I want to wish Ms. Canella a happy birthday for next month. YES, a year ago she got her de'but. My, how the year passed!

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