Thursday, 17 January 2013

Memories are priceless

This is a copy of a slide I took in the early 70's of Vic Allan riding his Maico at a scramble meeting at Glastonbury. At the time, Vic was one of the top 500cc riders in the UK.

 I took the picture for my memories of the days when dad took mam and I out once a month to the meetings. Who would have thought, 40 years later I would be asked if I had any information about the races then. 
 It has happened, I was contacted a few weeks ago by a man who was willing to pay for some programme scans, he wants then for his hobby.

   Out of interest, I asked who he came across my name in connection with motorcycle racing of the era?
   He told me that he typed in the rider and motorcycle combination Dick Clayton, Husqvarna and came across this article of mine from the early part of 2012  This was one of a series of sports articles I did for Angie's diary, covering the changing face of sport and the differences between top riders and regular riders. 

   I also did many articles on things as diverse as US history, allergies and travel.

 Memories may be priceless but knowledge can make a dividend, especially if you have a great memory like mine :)

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