Friday, 25 January 2013

Karen's return

A month ago, I had ghost writer Karen Cole in the blog. Sadly owing to a glitch her post along with about half of one of my stories got wiped off :( Fortunately, I have been able to locate another copy of it, so here it is.
Here is a new link to Karen's webpage

How about being a ghost writer?
By Karen Cole

I have been a freelance writer and editor since before 1980, and an on line ghost writer and editor since the beginning of 2003. So I know a few things about the subject of ghost writing, both in general and in particular. And I have a few of these things about being a ghost writer to share with you.
For one thing, being a ghost writer can be very lucrative, if you play your cards right. For starters, it’s best not to take on percentage payment jobs, unless you can blend them with a sizeable upfront payment as well as the on spec (speculation) payments. If you start out as a freelance writer who’s been published, it helps to ease you into the field of ghost writing too. And it’s best to get some published work under your own name under your belt before becoming a ghost writer.
For another thing, being a ghost writer enables you to be your own boss in most cases. If you head up your own ghost writing services agency, you can set your own hours, work whenever you want, set your own deadlines in many cases, not work or work on weekends, etc. So it’s nice when it comes to spending time with your family, going out on the town when you like, taking large slots of time off for vacation or family visits, or whatever you want or need.
So being a ghost writer can be both lucrative and flexible. You can, once you reach the top of the ghost writing pinnacle, work about twice a year in fact. The top ghost writers work for about $100,000 per book on the average, and work on about two books a year, taking six months for each ghost writing project. These top ghost writers write and edit their client’s book, and then put it behind them completely and move on to the next book. They turn out a lot of great, well written and well produced books this way for their celebrity and other top clients.
I would suggest, if you want to become a ghost writer, that you get published under your own name in several places, especially on the Internet, and then put up your shingle with a beautifully created and attractive website, performing SEO (search engine optimization) as needed so that your website will show up on Google and the other search engines. Then start doing the ghost writing and editing work as it rolls in. Like me, you may eventually outsource most of the work to a team of ghost writers who specialize in various forms of ghost writing and editing, plus marketing, promotions and literary representation.
It also helps that more and more people are turning to ghost writers to complete their lifelong works, autobiographies, memoirs, and other beloved works that they are unable to complete all by themselves. They don’t have the time, the inclination or the professional writing skills. So they are turning to the ever growing pool of on line ghost writers to work with them professionally.
How about being a ghost writer? It may be the right way for you to make your living as an on line freelance writer, and get paid for it too.
Resource Box: Karen is an online freelance ghost writer running an agency of ghost writer services that uses over 100 ghost writers, editors, marketers and promoters who handle book, screenplay, and manuscript and script ghost writing services.

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