Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Angels Cried in the UK

Here in the UK
This format of "Angels Cried" is currently ranked #82,766 out of over 400,000 books in the Kindle Store.

A few days ago we were at 45, 150

  I am pleased to say that my copies of our book arrived this morning, but at the same time I am upset to know that my 6 copies for family and friends will constitute the major sales in the UK. To my knowledge only one friend of mine has another copy.

 I am not surprised at all at this. WHY? It has been blatantly obvious to me that virtually nobody in the UK reads this blog. The USA reads the blog by a factor of about 50 to 1 or more, and it isn't just because it has more people. People here just have no interest in my blog. I get more reads from Spain, Italy and even Latvia than the UK.

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