Thursday, 10 January 2013

Going away

Whitby station, like me it is the end of the line.

I feel that I have become stale and boring, at this time I feel it only fair to take a respite for the sake of my few readers.

I may well be going on a writing sojourn at the end of the month. If I disappear from on line view, don't wait for my return. I have learned many things this year. 

 If you think this is a sudden decision, I did mention it as far back as October. It could be that I have taken too much on, or it could be that I am just not feeling in the game these days; either way I concede to zombies and EL James. My error was not jumping on the milk cow, but that has never been my way.

 The real matter here is that with the decreasing readers of the blog, I feel there is no need for it and will probably close them both down. If not that do what Marianne MacDonald did and just go off line.

 To some of my friends, my on line decline is already noticeable; I need to refocus my energies and get back to what I THOUGHT I was good at, that is writing ghost stories.  There again, with no interest in my books , I  could be  wrong there.

 It is no use trying to write an interesting and intriguing plot that takes the reader into a world of wonder, when all they want is mindless zombie fests or cheap sex. 

 My tip for the year :- If you want cheap sex stories,just go into any book store and pick up a men's magazine, they are better value than 50 shades and from what I've read in comments on the book, a better read.

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