Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Faye's poems

  Just before we met, my lovely friend Faye told me that she had won a poetry pin in a magazine, in Alberta. I thought I would share her joy with you, at a time I know she would be happy for me, being able to get work in two anthologies.  Canadian Memories is my loving tribute to a lovely lady, who I will miss until we meet again on the spiritual road,

when you want to stay 
but have to go 
consider the reasons 
to go out in the snow 
you like your little hovel 
everyone seems to know 
but won't grab a shovel 
when the north winds blow 
spring has finally come 
there's water everywhere 
birds you'll soon see some 
and maybe a hungry bear 
you've begun gardening 
made the rows with care 
now you're just waiting 
for the weeds to be there 
now fall makes an entry 
you harvest your fare 
plenty of food 
this winter to share

winter has been 
long and hard 
over six months 
much snow in my yard 
\now it's finally gone 
the streams are running 
migrating ducks 
on the ponds are sunning 
\the frogs are croaking 
tulips stand high 
they both tell me 
summer is nigh 
\the humming birds come 
in the flowers to play 
as we sit and watch 
Gods wonders each day

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