Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cat's tails

 Back in the fall, The Peacock Writers who write for children's charities invited me to write for them. In our book I have two stories :- both are exclusives but for different reasons. 

 "Cat's tails" was written just for this book, although it will feature in one of my projects to come out later. Although "The Old Church ghosts" has been on line for over a year and I am re-writing it again, this time with an adult theme. The variation in our book is the only one of its kind and is on sale nowhere else.

None of the writers involved will get any money, this is a charity project and we gave our work freely, so others can enjoy it. In the illustrated version, you get to see the cats involved in my story. I took the pictures over a couple of years. As cat lovers, my family have accepted many strays over the years.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Tyke, and I  rule the Kingdom of cats here. None of the cats in the house dare cross me, but I am a softy really. Before my operation to stop me having kittens I was a real sour puss and hissed at them all, even the humans avoided me at times.”

“Don't listen to her, I'm Lucky and I AM the BOSS, everybody knows and accepts that, we just let her think she runs the house to keep the peace, me and my girls (Lilly & Bess) are the ruling class here. All the humans love us, especially Lilly, as her fur is so soft. I've heard Mistress say, “I can tell Lilly in the dark from just her fur and hasn't she  got lovely eyes, just like an owl's.”

“I am sure you would like to hear about our adventures and my hunting successes.”

“WHAT! WHO do you think you're kidding Ma? All you do is bring in a huge feather to show us, as if you got the bird. At least when I get something, I bring the whole thing back for us. Slow worms, frogs and sparrows. If any of us is a huntress it's me Bess “The killer”. My domain is the small bedroom on the ground floor where the Master does his writing. I torment him terribly and he knows if I get too loving, I will give him a nibble, then lick it to say sorry.”

“Hello boys and girls, my name is Lily and I am the prettiest here, with lovely soft grey fur and beautiful orangey eyes. Why should I hunt for food, when all I have to do is purr softly? Now, who has the brains?” Lily says.  Still purring sweetly she said, “Bess has dad's hunting skills but I have mum's loving nature which wins hearts. Our dad was one of the top cats in the streets. NOBODY tangled with Taz even, the humans upstairs were wary of him, he was a real tormentor. He met his match one day though, out smarted by a squirrel, how we laughed.

Here was a cat that would challenge any in the street and win, but beaten by something less than half his size. You should have seen the look on his face when the squirrel went up the tree. No artist could painted that look of confusion.”

Bess  winked and grinned at her sister saying,“Yes, that day was so funny. He was on the back fence watching all of us, when this thing came up to him. It looked at him, walked away then came back and repeated this move, then in the blink of an eye it had bounced over him and ran up the tree.”

Lucky  joined her daughters in the conversation saying, “Do you remember how he held siege to the sock baskets, girls?”

Lily gave a laugh and said, “That was fun, Ma. How they had to tap the side opposite where they got the socks from just to distract him. What about bubble wrap, he loved the sound of the popping?”

Lucky  smirked and giggled with her mam and sister as she said,“Lord, didn't he go wild for the pops he heard. It was so funny, here was this large male acting like a little kitten, again.”

“Ladies, please remember I am a member of  the Regalus Caticuss and  have to remain dignified at all times. YES READERS, I AM the great and fearsome Taz. Talking of which, where is my son?”

Lucky looked around with some puzzlement, “Knowing Ted, like father-like son. Off chatting the ladies up.”

“Hi Ma, hi Girls, nice to see you. Long time no see, Dad. Just popped in for a quick chat with the boys and girls and to say welcome, from Teddipuss Regalis. I did hear the Master say he had so many stories about us, he was going to put put them in a book when he has time between  his other projects.”

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