Friday, 11 January 2013

Arbiter elegantiae

 The above Latin quote means judge in matters of taste.

 I bow to the greater good at this moment in time, over the last few weeks it has become obvious to the blind (me) that my work lacks the grip to hold a reader. None more so than last weeks episode of the serial, from a first night of 90, a score of 120 for the week could possibly have been expected. Yet, for the rest of the week it only garnered less than 20 reads and ended on 109. 

 Sci-FI was an experiment, to see what I couldn't write, up until that time I had not had a terrible genre. I am not counting Erotica, as Lana was just a private joke between friends. It is obvious that Sci-Fi is not my style now, so I will leave it alone as the failed genre.

 The reason for my enforced absence at the end of the month, has nothing to do with the lack of sales of stories, nor with the constant barrage of reading of people doing well, I wish you all the best in your endeavours. My reason is more basic than you can imagine, I feel I have become stale and boring :( 


  1. I followed the link from LinkedIn here, Alan. Perhaps a bit of mid-winter depression is setting in? I don't know you at all, but you seem to have been quite successful in the past, so don't give up now. :)

  2. It is more likely to be a case of still trying to chase a schoolboy's dream, Susan, and finally realising it was not there for you. I may have the honours for Chronicles but as I said when I did the first book "I think it is too way out, for people to want to read." And I was right, 9 months and 3 sales, is not much for an award winner. Although HR has outsold everything on here, most of that was back in June, since then not a lot has really happened.