Saturday, 26 January 2013

B4U closure


  The closure of my FB group Blogs4U will go ahead at the end of the month.

 It was nice seeing you all in there, and I will miss you. But, things since the announcement in October are just getting worse. This is NOT an attention seeker. It IS a sad farewell. 
 I started out with the intentions of trying to help a few friends and ended up with a dwindling group, and feeling as though the group had been to look like a fool. 

 Some we invited never arrived, others came and left without a word. Some used us in some childish games of spamming. I feel the group no longer serves the purpose I set it up for, if it did at all. 

 There are many more groups all better equipped to do you well, all you have to do is type Indie/ Writer or Kindle in the search engine and you will get so many groups, that you will lose track of them.

  I need time to sort out some things out, the group will officially remain on FB for now. But will be closed off. I can't say when or even if it will re-open. I will also stop blogging at this time, although I will continue to write my stories.

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